Cities of Exchange


An exhibition of works by Bertha Wang, Alec Aarons and Adrian Davies


8th April - 14th May 2017 | Open event Friday 7th April 2017, 5-7pm



Bertha WANG


Trace of British Colonial Hong Kong


The formation of identity is closely related to lived experiences and subjective feelings associated with everyday consciousness. According to Stuart Hall, “cultural identity reflects the common historical experiences and shared cultural codes” that provide individual becomes “one people”. It gives a hint that the colonial history and the colonial cultural codes are important in shaping Hong Kong’s identity. The aim of this project therefore is to gain insights of Hong Kong identity through and connecting the shared colonial cultural codes in both Britain and Hong Kong.





A Change of Scenery


A vernacular documentation illustrating my observations on the people of Shanghai, China. The constantly developing urbanisation of the city is changing a once traditional culture and creating vastly different standards of living for its inhabitants, however whilst there are similarities between Asia and Europe there are also expediential differences.







The city veins of essential service wires and pipes expand as a city evolves. The photographs depict aspects of a city that are not a part of an architectural design for urban utopia. The expanding wires and pipes depicted strangely mimic the organic growth of nature.